Dennis & Christine

November 9, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Mr. and Mrs. Skinner

Dennis and Christine

Our Story

Dennis and Christine first met in January of 2009. Although they were both from the same area and even attended the same middle school, they had never actually met until after they went away for college. Christine and Dennis were at a mutual friend's small get-together where they hit it off instantly! Especially when they realized that not only were they both from the same hometown, but that they also both attended the same university. After trading numbers, they promised to keep in touch when they returned to The University of South Florida. However, as life goes, the friendship dwindled and they grew apart.

Then one night they accidentally ran into each other, and continued to run into each other for the next three weekends in a row, proving they were destined to be together. Since then Dennis and Christine have traveled all over the United States. This included many trips to Chicago and Pennsylvania where they both have friends and family, and a very memorable Argentinian soccer match at the Copa America in Seattle (go Messi!), and even a last minute road trip to Tennessee to see the total solar eclipse. The couple also recently adopted two wonderful (and spoiled) kitties – Baklava (grey) and Cannoli (orange).

Cannoli and Baklava

The Engagement

One April morning they were on their way out to breakfast when Christine spotted a vibrant, electric-blue egg waiting for her on the kitchen table. She was confused about where this egg came from and decided to inspect it further. Dennis told her she should open it, and once she did he got down on one knee. Inside the egg was a beautiful ring (and candy for Dennis)! Realizing that it was not only Easter, but also April Fool's day, Christine didn't know what to believe. But, alas, he assured her it was real and she was stuck with him forever.

Cannoli and Baklava